Testimonials-Stan-Potts Gamehide has been my personal choice for all my hunting clothing now for several years. They not only make it in my favorite, Lost Camo, but in all the other top camo patterns as well. Made for hunters by hunters! Stan Potts, Dominant Bucks TV

Testimonials-Matt-Harper1 Good gear can make the difference between a successful hunt and a bad hunt. Comfortable, quality hunting clothing is no exception. That’s why I rely on Gamehide! Matt Harper, Outdoor Writer

Testimonials-Dick-Scorzafava I shot this 51-inch bull on an 8-day northern Manitoba moose hunt. It was cold, windy, snowy and rainy and the new Gamehide rain gear saved me every day. The boat rides were rough with water coming over the sides. The old bull had lots of battle scars. He was missing an eye and had 3 broken ribs from fighting. Be Radical! Dick Scorzafava, The Radical Hunter

Testimonials-Dan-Young I wore ElimiTick shirts in some really buggy places starting this year and they did a great job, even while bow hunting bear in a Minnesota swamp. They gave me great protection along with extreme comfort. I will have ElimiTick clothing with me on all my future hunts! Outdoors Dan Young, Host of Outdoors Traditions TV, The Outdoors Dan Radio

Testimonials-Matt-Harper Hunting from ground blinds has really taken off in the last few years. Most good blinds use black fabric inside to help hide movement. By wearing black you virtually disappear, allowing you to easily draw your bow or raise your rifle. Our new Hill Country Reversible hoodie has camo on one side and allows you to simply turn it inside out to black for blind hunting!Matt Harper, Outdoor Writer

Testimonials-Jim-Miller When you hunt all day as I do, your clothing must be comfortable and silent and it has to keep you warm and dry. For me, the ONLY choice is Gamehide! Jim Miller, Tex Mex Outdoors

Testimonials-Mike-Foss As an outfitter, I live in my hunting clothes all season long, spring and fall. It’s my work wear. So, I can tell you that my Gamehide is still going strong long after other brands have been shredded and tossed. Gamehide is all I’ll wear anymore!Mike Foss, Northern Wisconsin Outfitters

Testimonials-Myron-Buck Gamehide gear is clearly made by people who understand what hunting clothing is all about. The features are designed specifically with hunters in mind. This is the highest quality gear and at an affordable price.Myron Merkel, World Wide Distributers, Inc.

testimonials-Walt What you see is one nice snow goose on a bluebird day. What you don’t see is what it was like the day before. Horizontal rain and 50 mph wind gusts. The front moved tons of birds and the hunting was great all weekend. The best part, only a few other hunters. They were wet and cold because they weren’t wearing Gamehide! Walt Larsen, Outdoor Writer