At Gamehide, we incorporate numerous technologies and features into our products because we know these details can make all the difference: Technologies like Insect Shield, which you’ll find in our ElimiTick line; features like Smack Pads, which protect you from unnecessary bumps and bruises, and the Freedom Sleeve, a feature that you won’t notice – until you don’t have it.



The AirFlow™ System of zippered vents and/or mesh lining works like a chimney, recirculating air for maximum comfort. When you stop, close the zippers or vents. Simple. Effective.


BacStop® Anti-Microbial Treatment

BacStop® is an anti-microbial treatment that kills the bacteria that causes human scent. Bacteria simply can’t grow on garments treated with BacStop®.



Our first line of defense against mother nature, Outcast™ water-beading treatments are applied to the outer layer of fabric. This causes moisture to “beadup” and run off your garment instead of soaking in.



Inner protection from the elements in select Gamehide® garments comes in the form of Impervia™ coating. Treating the garment interior with Impervia™ provides another layer of wind-proofing/water-resistance.


4-Way Stretch

No matter how you move, you won’t feel any bunching or resistance, because the fabric moves with you. 4-Way Stretch is a Gamehide® exclusive!


Freedom Sleeve®

Freedom Sleeve® is the revolutionary Sleeve innovation from Gamehide® that eliminates the restrictive pulling, binding and tugging you get with a traditional sleeve.


Insect Shield® Treatment

Insect Shield® is a revolutionary treatment that repels ticks, including those that carry Lyme disease, and other insects. Used in Gamehide’s ElimiTick® line of apparel, the repellent bonds to fabric fibers and offers invisible protection that lasts the entire life of the garment!