Innovative Fabrics

There are few other endeavors that test and tax clothing like hunting. You want your gear to be lightweight and comfortable yet durable enough to crash through brush and brambles. You want it to breathe while you’re moving yet insulate when you’re not. It has to keep you dry and warm yet be soft and quiet. And, it has to help you disappear.

We’re not sure there’s any other clothing that has to do so much.

And, that’s why we design and manufacture our own fabrics—innovative, high-performance, specialized fabrics that do it all.


Hush Hide®and Hush Hide® Packable

Hush Hide® is perhaps the best-known hunting-specific fabric on the market today. It’s soft, silent, lightweight and, unlike the copycat fabrics, it’s 100% cotton-FREE, which means it won’t shrink or fade! Hush Hide® Packable is 40% lighter and designed to be ultra-compactible for use in packable garments.


Hush Hide® Ultra

Hush Hide® Ultra – now evolved to the next level! We’ve added more nap and loft, creating a softer, quieter Hush Hide®!



HyperHide® fabrics are made from high-performance, two-layer “bonded” fleece. It’s perfect for the hunt that requires a close-range shot to get the game!


HyperHide® SS

HyperHide® SS is a soft-shell fabric that’s supple, wind and burr resistant, and sheds snow or light rain while remaining extremely breathable and quiet.


HyperHide™ H2OX

HyperHide® H2OX is perfect for any hunter who needs to be quiet to get close. Unlike other fleece fabrics, HyperHide® H2OX is silent, offers “Xtreme” loft, and has a built-in waterproof/windproof laminate and fully taped and sealed seams.


StormHide® SST

Super supple and tough (SST)! That’s the revolutionary new generation of StormHide®, a poly denier fabric that holds up to waterfowler abuse yet is soft and supple even in subzero temps. SST’s tight weave sheds water and mud, and it won’t fade or shrink. Think of it as the apparel version of the latest wader materials.


StormHide® Stretch

StormHide® Stretch is our innovative nonbinding laminated fabric that stretches as you move. Slides easily over other garments, maximizing movability with 100% waterproof/breathable protection!



HunterHide® is soft, quiet and weatherproof! With the soft feel of a knit, this woven “un-cotton” fabric resists burrs and offers quick-drying, fade-free performance. Impervia™ on the inside and Outcast™ on the outside make HunterHide® garments weatherproof and perfect for repelling snow, sleet and light rain!



This fabric is incredibly light, supple and comfortable. There’s no break-in time, and it’s tough as nails! It repels moisture and burrs. It won’t shrink or fade and it dries quickly.