Ten things you should know about ElimiTick hunting clothing!

  1. Ticks hate it – They will do somersaults to get away from it. Literally! If you put a tick on your ElimiTick pant or shirt and watch it, the tick will go into freeze mode, or it will do anything to get away. This is the repellent doing its job.
  2. The repellent is fused to the fabric – ElimiTick uses Insect Shield Technology. The active ingredient (repellent) is bonded to the fabric fibers.
  3. Long-lasting – Because the active ingredient is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers, it lasts the expected life of the product.
  4. Odorless – ElimiTick is odorless. This means you can wear it without concern when hunting scent-savvy big game.
  5. Repels many insects – ElimiTick repels ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, flies and midges (no-see-ems).
  6. Proven – The technology is the result of years of research and field study.
  7. Stays in clothing – Because the repellent is bonded to the fabric, it stays in the clothing, not on your skin like sprays. This is one reason we like to call it tick armor.
  8. No restrictions for use – There are no restrictions in using ElimiTick. Protect your entire family from ticks and other insects.
  9. Easy care – ElimiTick is super-easy to care for. Treat it like you would any other camo hunting clothing.
  10. Turn the tables – ElimiTick is like tick armor, wear it and you can annoy the ticks for a change!

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ElimiTick® tick-repelling hunting clothing uses Insect Shield® technology, which turns clothing into long-lasting, effective and convenient tick protection. You’ll call it your “tick armor”!

  • The active ingredient is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it retains effective repellency through the life of product
  • Repels ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes and midges (no-see-ums)
  • Lasts through 70 washes
  • Invisible, odorless protection just by putting your clothes on
  • Roomy jacket and pant are comfortable and easy to take along
  • Lightweight, comfortable fabric

“I work in tall grass and vegetation (tick heaven). I have battled ticks with sprays and repellents and have ticks on me daily. Since I started using ElimiTick clothing I have been tick free.” Dale Eggert, Minnesota

“The first day of my bear hunt I did NOT wear my ElimiTick clothing. Later that evening, I picked 5 ticks off me. The following 6 days I DID wear ElimiTick clothing and NEVER had another tick on me.” Tom Nelson, American Archer TV

“We hunt Kansas for turkeys and deer every year. Sixty ticks a day have always been a daily occurrence. With ElimiTick clothing this year, we scarcely even saw a tick, let alone give one a ride or a meal. This stuff really works! And it’s comfortable!” Steve Stortz, Master Turkey Call Maker www.turtleturkeycalls.com

“As a professional videographer who is videoing outdoors almost 100 days a year, I spend a lot of time packing a suitcase. When I’m headed anywhere during ‘tick season,’ GameHide’s ElimiTick is always the first thing I pack.” Evan Pittman, Senior Producer, Dead Down Wind’s American Archer

“Over the past 4 years I have many bad experiences with deer ticks here in Pennsylvania. I recently purchased ElimiTick clothing—-shirt, pants, long sleeve tee shirt, hat, gloves, jacket and socks. I just spent 5 days at turkey camp in a highly infested deer tick area. I remained “tick free” throughout the hunt.” Courtney Gustafson, Ft. Loudon, Pennsylvania

“During the Wisconsin turkey hunting season, I wore an ElimiTick long sleeved shirt and ElimiTick cargo pants. I hunted approximately 55 hours during this season. My dad and brothers, who were hunting in the same area with me, were constantly pulling ticks off. During the entire week of hunting, I only found three ticks: one on my face and two on my hands. I believe the ticks got to the collar of my shirt or the wrist collar of my sleeves and wouldn’t come any farther onto me. I am a believer in ElimiTick! Last year I pulled 33 ticks off of me at one time after hunting this same area at the same time of year. This stuff works.” Adam W. Hanna, Conservation Warden Lower Chippewa Team

– Neillsville Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

“Spring turkey hunt in Delaware is always a tick infestation. I purposely ordered and wore every piece of ElimiTick to make sure it worked. I walked, crawled, hiked and sat in areas I would have totally avoided before. NO, NO, NO ticks in the last four times out. I wore the socks in side my tennis shoes with no socks underneath. Not one bite.” Pastor Rocky Shanks

“Based on the experience that my wife and I have had with the ElimiTick clothing, we have concluded that the ElimiTick works and it has virtually eliminated the problems with ticks we previously experienced. Having had Lyme disease, which was undoubtedly contracted because of the high tick population in our area — my wife and I use ElimiTick products extensively — and on that basis we have not found ticks on our persons, after using the ElimiTick clothing. Based on our previous experience — without such clothing — we would have experienced many tick attachments in the same time frame.” Donald W. Henderson, Ithica, NY

“I turkey hunted on some property in Talbot County, Georgia the last Saturday of turkey season and found 10 ticks on me even after spraying down with bug spray. I decided to order ElimiTick Pants, Shirt and Socks to give them a try the next time I was out in the woods. This past weekend I was out in the same area preparing new food plot areas and clearing shooting lanes and came home tick FREE! ElimiTick is the Real Deal when it comes to eliminating ticks!” Scott Culpepper, Ellersile, GA

“I think the ElimiTick product is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Turkey hunting this spring was tick free!” Kenneth Didat, New Albany, IN

“I hunt turkey on the ground in a tick heavy area. This gear works very well. I also wear it to log in. Great results.” Harry Pelle, Bradsfordville, KY

I hunt in MO with my kids. I have everything ElimiTick from head to toe and have never have found a tick on me. If you know Missouri this is unheard of. From spring turkey season to fall deer and turkey, never a single tick! Unbelievable product!!!Highly recommend it. Thank You! Daniel Wells, Stover, MO