HECS technology blocks your electrical energy field, so you can get closer to game!

Electro-reception is the ability to sense energy signals. This is what allows deer, elk, bear, turkeys, waterfowl and other animals and birds to notice you even though you’re motionless, silent, and the wind is in your favor. They are detecting your natural electrical energy field, which results from muscle movement and the beating of your heart. Birds can even see it! We often hear this called the sixth sense.

HECS technology blocks your electrical energy field, stopping this energy signal recognition. It does so with a carbon fiber grid built into the garment. Based on the Faraday Cage principle, it works like the grid in the door of your microwave oven. The small mesh in the microwave door is properly sized to block microwaves for your safety, much like the somewhat larger grid of a HECS garment blocks human electrical energy waves.

The fiber itself is completely flexible, so you won’t even notice it’s there. It’s lightweight, breathable, durable and machine washable. Because the carbon fiber is woven into the fabric, it won’t wash out or wear out so it lasts the life of the garment.

Used in conjunction with good camouflage and scent control technology (like Ozonics), HECS can make a significant difference to your hunting success by allowing you to get closer and be undetected by game.

Casey Brooks I wear HECS as an undergarment as it is lightweight and breathable. You don’t even realize you are wearing it until you notice the difference in the animal’s behavior. Casey Brooks - La Center, Washington
Jason Cleveland After a two-and-a-half-hour stalk on this buck and his three little friends, I was able to get an arrow in him at 20 yards. Using HECS definitely allowed me to get close enough. Jason Cleveland - St. Louis, Missouri
Michael Batease I have noticed the animals are a lot more calm and I am getting away with more movement than I ever did before being introduced to HECS. I won't step out in the field without it. Michael Batease - Boise, Idaho
Dr. Dave Samuel Bottom line, our energy is given off to animals. They respond to it, but HECS garments can control this sixth sense. Dr. Dave Samuel - West Virginia University
Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management
Jeff Dobbins The secret to being a successful bow hunter is getting close. If you are serious about getting close to big-game animals, put HECS to the test. Once you do, you will never hunt without it. Jeff Dobbins - Mountain View, Arkansas
John Howard Just put a HECS suit on and get outdoors. You, too, will be rewarded with success like I have, season after season! John Howard - Martinez, California
Donald Whitaker Bird was on my decoys without any gobble or noise. I picked up my muzzleloader and the bird saw movement. Jumped sideways, but did not run or spook. Started back at decoy and I pulled the trigger. Donald Whitaker - Florida Eastern
Lee Koss I could not believe how the animals discounted our presence with HECS. Great product that I will now always hunt with. Lee Koss - Algonac, Michigan
David Holder We hunt for a living. When we find a product that helps us be successful, we think it’s only fair to share our opinion with everyone. Flat out, HECS helps us get these shots. David Holder - Winterset, Iowa – Raised Hunting TV Show

HECS Technology

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