Feature-for-feature, dollar-for-dollar, the best hunting clothing you can buy!

To be consistently successful, hunt after hunt, you need to be on stand, in the blind or climbing that next ridge no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. The Evolutus™ Series from Gamehide keeps you out there, comfortable and ready. Evolved from the latest in high-tech fabrics and with all of the features you need, Evolutus™ Series garments are designed for the ultimate predator...you!

Cold and wet is not an option

When you are cold and wet you focus on being warm and dry. When you are warm and dry, you focus on the hunt. That's why all garments in the Gamehide Insulated Series are made to keep you warm and dry no matter what. Focus on the hunt. Wear Gamehide!

These garments will immediately become your go-to hunting gear of choice!

Performance is paramount. Quiet is key. The right features must be in the right places. This is what sets Gamehide garments apart. Uninsulated hunting wear is either all you’ll ever wear when its warm or what you first put on when it is cold. Either way, it has to be right. Others tend to cut corners on such basic garments. At Gamehide, we understand their importance.

If it's raining and you are wearing Gamehide, you'll stay dry!

Rain happens. If you hunt, you hunt in the rain. If you wear Gamehide Rain Wear, you stay dry. That simple. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. Like anything else, if you get the fundamentals right, you succeed. All too often, others make rain wear without fully soaking seams or using economical membranes. At Gamehide, we abide by rain wear fundamentals. That’s why if it’s raining and you’re wearing Gamehide, you’ll stay dry.

Tough and durable no longer mean stiff and restrictive. Gamehide Waterfowl outerwear changes everything!

Waterfowlers are tough on their gear. That’s why their gear is made tough. But, until now, tough also meant stiff, bulky and restrictive. Gamehide Waterfowler garments are made of Stormhide SST (Super Supple & Tough). It will do for waterfowler wear what breatheable fabrics did for waders – eliminate the bulky and restrictive without sacrificing durability!

Protect yourself against ticks wear ElimiTick™!

Ticks used to be an annoyance. Now they’ve become a potential danger. Ticks can carry Lyme and other diseases. Gamehide’s revolutionary ElimiTick™ Series garments are treated with Insect Shield®, a repellent that is bonded to the fibers of the fabric. It’s invisible and will last the expected life of the garment. It repels other insects as well. Protect yourself against ticks. Wear ElimiTick™!

Two-season hunting with one garment. That's Reversibles. That's smart!

Most hunters hunt more than one species, more than one season. Gamehide’s novel Reversible garments are just that, reversible from one look to another. One camo to another or camo to blaze orange, snow or even black. This means versatility and value. Essentially, you get two well-made, functional hunting garments for the price of one!

Nobody offers more blaze garments than Gamehide, the leader in keeping big game hunters warm, dry and safe.

For decades, Gamehide has been the undisputed leader in providing big game hunters with blaze orange hunting wear that keeps them warm, dry and visible. From technical systems parkas to basic vests, if it’s blaze orange, it’s likely made by Gamehide. We like to think that we’ve helped more big game hunters put trophies on their walls and meat in their freezers than anyone else.

Whatever upland hunting trips your trigger, Gamehide has you covered.

The majestic flush of a cackling rooster, the explosive flush of a northwoods ruffed grouse, the chaotic flush of a covey of scattering quail, the erratic ascent of a wily flushing woodcock, the sheer and impressive speed of a darting dove. Whatever trips your trigger, Gamehide has you covered with high performance upland gear that will quickly become your favorite.

The same high performance fabrics and features as the guys but designed and cut for the ladies.

They say most women just wear men’s hunting clothing. We say that’s because they haven’t tried Gamehide’s Ladies Series garments. Designed and cut specifically for women, the Ladies Series offers the same high performance fabrics and features found in the rest of the Gamehide line, only they’re made for ladies!

Make sure your young hunter has a good experience afield, dress him/her in Gamehide!

Looking like Dad isn't enough. We believe that, to ensure a positive experience, young hunters need clothing that performs like Dad's as well. A cold, wet hunting buddy will result in a short hunt for both you and them and a less-than-positive experience. Make sure your young hunter is ready for the hunt. Dress them in Gamehide!

Gamehide hats, gloves and other accessories are made with the same attention to detail as our garments.

For some, hats and gloves are an afterthought. At Gamehide, we know how important a good hat and warm gloves can be. Cold hands and a wet head can quickly make for an outright miserable day. That’s why all Gamehide accessories are made with the same consideration and attention to detail as our garments.

The ultimate hunting wear to go with the ultimate hunting bow.

Innovative. Cutting edge. High performance. Premium. No corners cut. These all describe the Mathews Collection, a series of state-of-the-art hunting clothing designed and made by Gamehide. It's the ultimate hunting wear to go with the ultimate hunting bow!

Welcome to Gamehide's Back Shed, where you'll find closeout items at closeout prices.

The Gamehide Back Shed...it's where you go to find Gamehide closeouts, discontinued items, products from past seasons and more. You'll find great Gamehide product at great prices.

Gamehide, the outdoor apparel specialist.

Gamehide has been outfitting outdoorsmen with high performance garments for 25 years. Recognized for innovative fabrics, treatments and designs, Gamehide products have been tested and proven in the field in the most trying conditions. Who better, then, to supply outdoor lifestyle garments for your company or event! Available in a variety of styles for both men and women, Gamehide Corporate Wear is certain to impress.

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